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Souvenir March 23, 2019  18:24:11

Requesting articles for NATA Convention Philadelphia 2018 Souvenir

We are pleased to announce that North America Telugu Association (NATA) will be releasing a special souvenir commemorating the most awaited Convention in Philadelphia in 2018. This is the best opportunity to all the writers in our community throughout the world to present their articles, short stories and poems. As we are planning to reach out to several thousand Telugu community members, this is a great opportunity to advertise your business also in the souvenir. Help us spread your message to the entire Telugu community. For additional information, please send an email to We appreciate your support and always thank you for your contribution!

The Souvenir committee invites your content on the following list of topics.

  • 1. Articles about famous Poets, Freedom Fighters, Literary Persons etc.
  • 2. Challenges of Dual Culture
  • 3. Literary Content - Stories/Poetry etc
  • 4. Cartoons
  • 5. Humor/Entertainment
  • 6. Events in Andhra Pradesh and USA - Pictures/Write up
  • 7. Youth Articles
  • 8. Sponsorship/Advertisements
You can be creative and send any other topic, reflecting our Telugu culture and traditions. The magazine will be released on the convention day. Please send your articles neatly typewritten in Telugu or English in Microsoft Word AND PDF format (both) to the email address
Please email your articles on or before April 30, 2018.


Contact Person : Srinivas Sagaram.    Mobile : (215)-353-3646    Email :