Rajeshwar Reddy Gangasani

Rajeshwar Reddy Gangasani

President (2016-2018)
President Message
As the NATA President for 2017-2018 term, I would like to thank all the NATA Advisory Council, BODs, RVPs, Chairs, members and all other designated office bearers both past and present for giving me a chance to serve our proud organization.  Today’s NATA in its form represents and serves all Telugu People and Indians across North America.  NATA is built on the principles of Hard work, Dedication, Honesty, Commitment, Social Service and Promote and Preserve our Telugu Culture and Heritage for our future generation.  I am very proud to be part NATA founding team member and dedicated NATA solider. It was first time in the history of any American Indian cultural organization to achieve the strength of 13,000+ members and exceed set goals and expectations in serving our community. I would like bring everybody’s attention to two important upcoming events: the NATA Seva days in Telugu states on December, 2017 and Mega Telugu convention in 2018. I am requesting that we all need to collaborate and cooperate with each other in a cohesive way to make these two events a grand success. During previous NATA’s Seva days, we have helped many people to become health conscious by conducted healthcare awareness programs in both Telugu states actively.  NATA has written a new chapter by conducting a successful Folk Artist exhibition in Warangal that a created Save the Girl Child programs. I request all the fellow members of NATA to participate and get involved actively and make our NATA planned programs during the upcoming December, 2017 a grand success in Telugu states. I would like NATA to be service oriented organization, baes on our established Motto “SAMAJA SEVE NATA MATA AND SAMSKURTHI VIKASAME NATA BATA”. To follow our Motto that we have adopted following guiding principles:
  • NATA’s intent is to serve and help all Telugus and Indians here and across the world without any boundaries or limitations.
  • NATA as a cultural and Social service organization should not have any affiliation to any political party either in USA and or back in India.
  • NATA as an organization and its activities should reflect transparency, fairness and openness without any prejudice and reservation
  Our NATA future plans for the next two years are as follows: NATA USA:

  • Membership drives across the country to increase the members to 20,000 or more.
  • Advise students coming to USA from India to take minimum $100,000 term life. insurance policy. Costs pennies but helps in a big way, when a person loses precious life in a violent crime, accident or other severe diseases. Provide counseling services for new arrivals in USA.
  • Strengthen the Community Services: Help local communities here in USA by offering key important services provided by SAHA (ADA, AHA), Student counseling, “Call Doctor” Call Attorney” type phone line services.
  • Internships in India for students from USA, apart from what we are doing for the last 6 years.
  • Promote Telugu culture and traditions to 2nd generation kids, who were born and raised here by arranging a youth conference and other activities, where they can meet and get to know each other and our Telugu heritage.
  • Release of NATA MAATA Patrika (two for 2017 and two for 2018).

NATA India

  • Addition of “NATA SEVA DAYS” in various parts of Telengana, AP and Karnataka, India- December 2017:
  • Continue awarding scholarships to poor merit students that includes physically handicap students
  • Health Camps; General & Pediatric Eye Camps; Water Projects; Essay & Story Writing Competitions & cultural Programs.
  • Seek sponsors to provide basic facilities in villages like safe drinking water facilities, providing primary schools facilities and Swactha Barath (Toilet Program).
  • NATA SEVA Day’s Souvenir 2017

We request you to come forward to organize charity programs and raise funds for our villages. By supporting the above-mentioned programs, we can a make big difference in life style and living standards of the people in villages across both Telugu states and in India through NATA. In order to meet the set goals of NATA Seva days, we will appoint a team soon that will address the communication needs of the Telugu and other states to disseminate updates and information.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Houston convention team, Atlanta Convention team and Dallas Convention on their success during the past conventions. Under the great leader ship of NATA Advisory Council chair Dr Prem Reddy Garu, ATA, TATA have come forward to joins hands and work for the planned American United Telugu Convention & Youth Conference (Mega Telugu Convention & Youth Conference), July 6th-8th 2018, being held in Philadelphia. 

I sincerely request all the NATA leaders and members to actively participate in opening the Seva gates and travel with me for the next two years.