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NATA IDOL Rules & Regulations
నేటి నాటా గాయకులే రేపటి సిని గాయకులు  (Today's NATA Idols are Tomorrow's cine singers)
"Fostering the culture of unity through the Music"
Judges: Lyricist Sri Chandrabose & Music Director Sri Kalyana Ramana a.k.a Kalyan Malik
NATA IDOL Program comprises of four levels as follows.
1. Audition
2. Regional Competitions
3. Semi-Finals
4. Finals
Rules for Regional Competitions
The participants should bear all the expenses such as travel, lodging and boarding and organizers are NOT responsible for any expenses.
Participants can choose ANY song from ANY Movie as long as the song meets the below criteria.
  • The song must be in the Telugu Language.
  • Length of the recording should not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Lyrics should not be indecent or obscene.
  • Lyrics should not be promoting any kind of hate against anyone.
  • The song must have been used is in the movie.
The song must have the background Karaoke. The Karaoke track must be clear from the noise and should not have any vocal part in it, even if it is of opposite gender’s.
Participants selected for Regional Competitions will be asked to submit the Karaoke tracks via email.
Karaoke tracks must be received at least seven days before the competition.
The participant should send the below details when sending the track.
  • First Few Words from the Song
  • Movie Name
  • Lyricist Name
  • Music Director Name
  • Original Singers Name
The participant must attend the competition in the chosen Region on the published date. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify the participant.
Two esteemed judges will select the winners. Judges have all the rights to select the qualified participants.
Qualified participants will advance to the semi-finals that will be conducted at the convention.
The fee for Regional Competition is $50 and is nonrefundable.
Regional Competitions will be conducted in the following Regions.
S.No Location Date
1 Philadelphia, PA Saturday, June 2
2 Hartford, CT Sunday, June 3
3 New Jersey Saturday, June 9
4 New York, NY Sunday, June 10
5 Virginia Saturday, June 16
6 Charlotte, NC Sunday, June 17
7 Austin, TX Saturday, June 23
8 Los Angeles, CA Sunday, June 24
9 Columbus, OH Sunday, June 24
10 Jacksonville, FL Saturday, June 30
11 Chicago, IL Sunday, July 1


Other Guidelines
  • Semi-Finals and Finals will be conducted in Philadelphia, PA during the NATA Convention from July 6th to July 8th in 2018.
  • There is no entry fee For Semi-Finals and Finals.
  • The participants should bear all the expenses such as travel, lodging and boarding and organizers are NOT responsible for any expenses.
  • The final winner will get a chance to sing in Telugu Movie.
  1. Participants who qualify for semifinals will get one free ticket for NATA 2018 Convention.
  2. Registered participants will be informed of the organizer’s decisions through email or web only.
  3. All rights are reserved by NATA Idol team. In case of any dispute, NATA Idol team’s decision is final.
  4. Under circumstances such as weather conditions and flight schedules, if the above-mentioned judges are unable to attend the Regional Competition in any region then the NATA will find the suitable judges for that particular Competition.
  5. If you register, we assume you agree to NATA IDOL Rules & Regulations, and Terms & Conditions.
  6. Any Questions Please send Email to
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