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Cultural Entry Form & Guidelines June 17, 2024  06:42:36

You are cordially invited to participate in the cultural events planned for NATA Convention Philadelphia 2018. Please find below the guidelines for the process to be followed for your participation as a performer at the NATA Convention Philadelphia 2018.


Note:- Please fill in the form below and provide the details of your cultural performance.

  • We are seeking performers to show case their talents in dance, drama, musical instruments, ballet, vocal singing, any other unique talent which will provide entertainment to the NATA Convention Philadelphia 2018 delegates.

  • Performance must mainly be "Telugu" based (Only exception being pure Classical and Instrumental performances). If another program with the same song selection is already received, you may be required to change your song selection when informed by the NATA 2018 convention Cultural Committee.

  • Please provide audio/video link of your performance.

  • An individual cannot participate in more than 3 performances in the same category (Dance, Skit, Instrument/Vocal, Other).

  • Any submission with less than 8 participants and less than 6 years of age for any participant will NOT be accepted. (Unless proven the individual kid/performance deserves an exception).

  • The performance duration should be crisp (6-8 Minutes) and should not exceed 10 minutes. Based on the merits of the performance, cultural committee reserves the right to allow longer duration. Crisp performances with larger groups are encouraged.

  • All entries must be submitted before 11:59 PM April 15, 2018.

  • All of your entries will be reviewed by a panel to verify the suitability of performance in line with the NATA convention theme.

  • All the short listed performances will be notified by first week of April 30, 2018.

  • All the shortlisted performances have to do their audition for the final approval of the entry. The audition time lines will be provided by the first week of April 30, 2018.

  • Performance time slot will be allocated by the Cultural Committee and are not negotiable.

  • Audio MP3 files, preliminary videos, presentation slides, and details of Props (if needed) must be received by June 1, 2018.

  • NATA organization or committee members or Pennsylvania convention center would not be held liable for any injuries.

  • Cultural Committee reserves the right to accept or deny any entry at their discretion.

  • For any additional questions, please email:

Performance Day Guidelines:

  • Arrive at the back stage (Green Room) 1 hour before your program.

  • One Program coordinator per item is allowed at the back stage along with the participants (NO parents and others please).

  • Please keep another back up of item music CD with your program coordinator (Any special needs must be communicated well ahead of time. Not on the day of the program).

  • Please give plenty of rest and feed the younger participants before the program. So that they will be alert, active and will give their best performance.

  • We request all the participants, parents and the coordinators to stay through the entire program and encourage other participants.

  • Please be flexible with duration of the performance time. In case of unforeseen events and unavoidable circumstances, committee has the right to reduce the duration of the performance.

Note:- NATA Convention Cultural guidelines are subject to change, please refer check the website for latest.


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Contact Person : Rami Reddy Alla.    Mobile : (973) 801-9504    Email :